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Our Mission

We are committed to you finding the relationship of your dreams as you, the most wonderful, authentic version of you.

I have created the wife and family of our dreams and we know first hand the joy that it brings.
Brian Crain, Founder.

As I traveled with my family — my wife of 15 years and 2 sons — teaching personal development seminars, I found the question that I got most frequently from colleagues and acquaintances was, ‘how can I create what you’ve created?’ Well, number one, you don’t want to.

You want your unique version, that speaks to you. But the generalizable piece I found as I’ve worked with and spoken to women from all over the globe is that, if you are looking for a relationship, together you can create things that alone you might not have had the courage or insight to create. It can free your attention from dating and put it toward life goals you haven’t given yourself the chance to achieve.



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